- JR1 (RVD) : JR1 is in sharp shape. Is it Applied to making resin bond or metal bond tools to process carbide and grind as well as polish common concrete products.
- JR2 (MBD4) : JR2 is in crystal shape, they are similar in size with lower strength, applied to making metal bond  tools for processing common stone, glass and concrete.
- JR3 (MBD6) : JR3 is in complete and regular shape, they are applied to making metal bond tools for processing common stone and construction materials.
- JR4 (MBD8) : JR4’s shape is mainly hexahedron, octahedron and complete with high strength. Applied to making metal bond to cut, drill, grind and polish non-ferrous materials like refractory, concrete, glass and marble.
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